HPL Laminate/P 10 mm

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

HPL laminate table tops, stone finish

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Collection: Contract tops

Introducing our 10mm Beveled or Vertical Edge HPL Laminate Countertops with a striking Black Core or Brown Core. Stone Finish.

Available in the following colors:

- Copperfield Gray Stone
- Firecoat (Corten)
- Stromboli Stone
- Marble Empire Stone
- Glossy Sky Grey
- Matte Gold Kaspio

Available in the following sizes:

- 59 x 59 cm / Ø 59 cm
- 69 x 69 cm / Ø 69 cm
- 79 x 79 cm / Ø 79 cm
- 89 x 89 cm / Ø 89 cm
- 99 x 99 cm / Ø 99 cm
- 119 x 119 cm / Ø 119 cm
- 129 x 129 cm / Ø 129 cm
- 159 x 159 cm / Ø 159 cm
- 119 x 79 cm
- 139 x 79 cm
- 159 x 79 cm

These countertops are meticulously designed to provide a robust and durable surface suitable for a wide range of applications. The selection of colors and finishes allows seamless integration into any setting, while the various dimensions ensure maximum flexibility to meet specific design needs. Ideal for modern and functional spaces, these countertops seamlessly blend aesthetics with high-level technical performance.

Immerse yourself in a realm of sophistication with our exclusive 10mm HPL Laminate Countertops, featuring a captivating Beveled or Vertical Edge with a striking Black Core or Brown Core. Infused with emotional depth and inspired by the hues of precious stones, these functional masterpieces are offered in a palette that mirrors the timeless beauty of nature:

Explore the timeless elegance of Copperfield Gray Stone, the fiery allure of Firecoat (Corten), the majestic appeal of Stromboli Stone, the imperial grace of Marble Empire Stone, the ethereal modernity of Glossy Sky Grey, and the opulent brilliance of Matte Gold Kaspio.

Each countertop is a work of art, available in a range of sizes meticulously crafted to seamlessly adapt to your space and design preferences. From 59 x 59 cm to commanding 159 x 159 cm, these countertops transform every environment into a stage for timeless elegance.

The robustness and resilience of these countertops are a promise of enduring quality, while the diverse array of colors and finishes allows you to shape your space with unparalleled flexibility. They transcend mere surfaces, embodying a harmonious blend of form and function, aesthetics, and top-notch technical performance.

Choose excellence; choose emotion. These countertops bridge the gap between design and sensory experience, perfect for transforming every modern space into a haven of timeless beauty.

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