Climb Youngs 08

by Elli F.lli di Luigi Sas

Bedroom for kids with library

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Modern bedroom for kids with bed and library.

Care for the environment and functionality they will agree a clean and modern design, your style and your taste. Nothing is more beautiful than a suspension without handles cabinet...... or an unexpected space... "Line Climb" is not only young, dynamic and evolutionary: expected opening push pull, machining angular step and many complements, such as platforms, desks, chairs, showcases, shelves, in various solutions and size... "Line Climb" has character: dynamically hanging up: height cm. 40 cm in width. 40, 60, 80, 120; box square cm. 60 x 60 cm depth. 33 and 52... Climb is complemented by bases, flat shelves and Full Folding well as special accessories designed to maximize space and comfort. Not only offers comfortable box containers under the bed... organizes retains, conceals, stores... beyond all expectations!

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