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Double bed with electronic control system

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Collection: Modern - Beds

Soft-touch upholstered double bed with patented system: with one unique movement, three mechanisms are set in motion ľ lateral armrest, lumbar support and headrest.

Beauty and comfort. These are the characteristic features of the ROMA model: simple and clean lines, extreme details and functional design for comfort in use. As always happens with Target Point products, ROMA is not only a bed with fine design, but also super comfortable, thanks to Target Point technology and the Soft Touch cover.

ROMA is a modern bed designed and conceived precisely for those who love to relax: it is sufficient to activate ľ with one single movement ľ the patented Target Point system activating the side armrest, the lombar support and the headrest. This way you can comfortably read, watch television, or simply use the armrest to put something on it while still maintaining a comfortable sitting position.

Comfort and details. Also for the ROMA bed, as well as on almost all of our container beds, the patented Easy-Lift system is available, allowing you to make the bed without having to bend: the bed will rise towards you.

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