I Dogi di Venezia DOGI-E609

by Idea Stile

Classic chair for dining room

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Collection: Dining room

Chair with upholstered seat, enveloping backrest enriched by horizontal crosspieces, one of which is perforated and carved. Shapely front legs, slightly receding hind legs.

Main materials used:

- Frame: solid beech wood.
- Seat: foam covered in fabric.

The "The Doges of Venice" collection:

The "I Dogi di Venezia" collection contains items for the living area and the sleeping area. It is furniture of great prestige in which you can admire the richness of the carving and the finesse of the inlay. The whole series is made with high quality materials such as solid wood for the doors and profiles, blockboard wood for all panels, plywood for the backrests, fir for drawers worked with dovetails. Classic finishes are preferable for these items.