Venere VENERE1032-1033

by Idea Stile

700 style chest of drawers and bedside table

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Collection: Bedroom

Group consisting of a chest of drawers and two bedside tables in the 18th century style. Under the finely carved undertop band there is a large drawer that simulates the presence of three drawers. Shaped shoulder with wood carving. The body ends with graceful contoured legs, style 700.

The "Venere" collection ranges from the living area to the sleeping area of the house. Carved details and soft shapes are the highly distinctive note of this collection. Completely made in Italy, in the Veneto region, it brings a centennial tradition as a dowry, embracing current solutions and functionality. The whole collection is made with selected materials of the highest quality. It is furniture with a strong classic connotation, but functional as the most current of modern furniture.