Anthea ANTIQUA586-587

by Idea Stile

Maggiolini style chest of drawers and nightstand

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Collection: Bedroom

Night group consisting of a chest of drawers and two bedside tables. Chest of drawers with two large drawers and a smaller one, inlaid with floral motifs. Furniture inspired by the great Maggiolini cabinetmaker. Unique works made with ancient techniques that transmit the mastery of the past to our days.

The "Anthea" collection is a collection of real "style" furniture, that is, made from original models of great historical, cultural and artistic value. Much of the furniture in this collection is made in the style of the Maggiolini, one of the best known cabinetmakers in history. The main feature of these furniture is the high complexity of construction. On the surfaces are applied, with the inlay technique, valuable and rare essences: national walnut, walnut feather, bois de rose, rosewood, maple, olive, bois de violette, zebrano. Extensive use is made of briars: ash, oak, walnut, myrtle, Persian walnut, olive tree. The processing of these raw materials requires knowledge and skills that are now difficult to find.