by Target Point New Srl

Vintage two-tone sideboard

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The MINERVA vintage sideboard is the exemplification of simplicity: a classic design sideboard with three drawers and two doors which allows a combination with any type of environment. Ideal for those who need a versatile piece of furniture.

In the case of MINERVA, simplicity is also synonymous with comfort: the three central drawers and the two side doors make it particularly easy to access the internal compartments (featuring a considerable capacity: it measures 180 cm in length). Body and drawers are customizable with wood veneer finishes in Venetian canaletto walnut, or in Natural, Country or Tobacco oak. The two doors in oxidase porphyry effect laminate give this sideboard a modern and dynamic appearance.

Perfect combination: with the MINERVA single shelf, with which it shares design and lines. Perfect for those who need a little more space in the entrance or in the living room.

L 180 P 49 H 83 | 20 cm


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