by Caimi Brevetti Spa

Leaf-shaped sound-absorbing panels

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The system of sound absorbing elements Botanica is composed of a leaf shaped panel held by a chromed metal support that can be fixed with different inclinations and proposed in combination with different bearing structures.

Modular frame that combines lengthwise for wall installation or ceiling mounting, fabricated in chrome-plated tubular steel, characterized by a 3D curvature of the tube. In the ceiling mounted version, the frame comes complete with adjustable cables for anchoring.

The panel, in the single version, can be anchored to the wall with the chrome-plated steel bracket.

ôBotanica rests and climbs like a plant that protects and isolates the environment. The wind blows but you canĺt hear it, the light is there but you canĺt see it. The result is a muffled and relaxed atmosphere, the silence on several levels that you hear in the woods, where the sounds are dispersed in the infinite collection of nature.ö (Mario Trimarchi).

design Mario Trimarchi

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