Lamps with shade in sound-absorbing fabric

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Collection: Lights

The MILANO units boast a very simple design that enables them to perform the dual function of illuminating a room and improving its acoustic comfort.
TheMILANO collection consists of cylinder lampshades with a height of 60 cm and a diameter of 80 or 120 cm. They can be suspended from the ceiling using three height-adjusting cables.
The unfussy and essential form of the units makes them versatile and easily adaptable to all sorts of public or private environments.
The lampshades are tube-shaped units covered with sound-absorbing fabric, specifically Snowsound Fiber Textiles BouclŔ, which comes in a wide array of colors. The fabric cover is secured by zips that run along the upper edge, making it easy to remove, clean and maintain.
The outer form of the unit is of a slightly waisted drum, while its inner part narrows at the centre so that the covering fabric is stretched tight on the outside and pleated on the inside.
The shade is suited for different types of luminaire, and therefore offers a variety of illumination options.
Design: Caimi Lab

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