Snowsound-Fiber 6

by Caimi Brevetti Spa

Sound absorbing velvet

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Collection: Snowsound®

FIBER 6 - soft acoustic fabric with a "velvet" hand feel obtained with chenille strands that create a slubbed, non-uniform, lustrous texture with dark/light effects. It is ordinarily installed on site and calls for the slub to be horizontal.
VELVET - CHENILLE - the fabric has a dense tufted finish perpendicular along the fabric, which is smooth, compact and lustrous. CHENILLE is fibre composed of a twisted strand that holds soft fuzzy tufts. The final product has a faux velvet effect that is very soft.

The patented Snowsound Fiber technology is based on soft interwoven polyester acoustic fibers that are inherently fire-resistant. The interaction between Snowsound Fiber and air
allows controlling reverberation while adjusting the environment’s acoustics with precision taking advantage of installation modes, product’s surface and distance from the wall. This reduces the annoying acoustic reverberation improving quality both of life and of work.

Snowsound Fiber materials have been tested according to UNI EN ISO 354. The graphs for each application can be found on our website The choice of different Snowsound Fiber materials and the installation modes allow a selective absortion at precise ranges (low, medium, high) or a more uniform absortion at all frequencies. Snowsound Fiber’s behavior varies based on the selected material and the installation mode and can reach A class for sound absorption.

Snowsound Fiber materials have different technical properties, thus permitting different uses for different environments, characterizing with style of a given space and becoming part of the interior design. Therefore Snowsound Fiber materials come with different features according to the need; it can be installed in creative ways in coordination with the furniture.

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