Carlo X style furniture

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Collection: Dining rooms

Classic style furniture. Made with three doors with drawers in the upper part, in inlaid briarwood with amaranth threads and golden carvings, finish in patinated cherry. The Carlo X furniture collections have furnishings characterized by a straight line, simpler and more sober, desired by the short historical period. In this era, in fact, many characteristics of the previous taste were abandoned and even the inlays, though always present, are decidedly more light. The rooms we offer are always complete with a showcase cabinet, sideboard, table and chairs.

Art. 1061 Sideboard cm. 234 * 58 * h.100 + 33
Art. 1063 Showcase 3 doors cm. 199 * 52 * h.245
Art.1064 Table cm. 230 * 120 * h.78

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