Classic style curved sofa

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Collection: Living rooms

Carved classic curved sofa. Its rounded and sinuous shape makes it suitable for any living room: from large entrances to bedrooms. The precious velvet is skillfully worked both on the back and on the seat and is accompanied by silks in different shades of color for the upholstery of the cushions. Available in different finishes and coatings, even in a contemporary way. The sofa sets are completed by the wooden version inlaid mahogany with shiny effect or round with onyx top.

Art.4870_Sofa cm. 318 * 160 * h. 106
Art.4881_Armchair cm. 130 * 109 * h. 84
Art.4875_Central coffee table cm. 142 * 142 * h. 50
Art.4876_Side table cm. 76 * 52 * h. 68
Art.4883_Central table with lighting top cm. Ø 165 * h. 47

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