Classic style luxury sofa

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Collection: Living rooms

Classic style luxury sofa, fully upholstered and upholstered in high quality fabrics. It adapts perfectly both to large saloons to receive guests, but also to the bedrooms areas dedicated to reading or resting, thanks to its elegant yet comfortable style. Other models are fully upholstered, comfortable and precious, our sofas in style furnish the different types of environment, from the halls, to the studios, to the rooms. The careful choice of fabrics, trimmings and decorative pillows helps to give a touch of elegance and personalization to the home.

Art.4920_Sofa 2 seats (white tones) cm. 275 * 124 * h. 95
Art.4915_Sofa 3 seats (green tones) cm. 286 * 124 * h. 104
Art.4900_Chinese style sofa cm. 218 * 118 * h. 105

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