Classic table in myrtle briar

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Collection: Dining rooms

Classic style table. Made of myrtle briarwood with mahogany inlays, in stained cherry finish with gold and black details. In our collections there are several models of inlaid table. To welcome our guests for lunch, we have created beautiful luxury tables, which decorate the rooms with taste. The numerous Bellotti Ezio inlaid table models are reproduced in different sizes, to be inserted in a harmonious way in the various dining rooms or meeting rooms. We offer rooms that are always complete with a display cabinet, sideboard and TV cabinet. At the table you can combine many types of chairs for which padding is available a wide range of luxury fabrics to choose from.

Art. 1176 Round table cm. Ø 160 * h.78
Art. 1188 Armchair cm. 62 * 64 * h.103
Art. 1187 Chair cm. 56 * 64 * h.103
Art. 1172 Showcase cm. 165 * 48 * h.222

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