Dining table 1443 Louis XVI style

by Bellotti Ezio Arredamenti Srl

Luxurious dining table

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Collection: Dining rooms

Classic dining table, Louis XVI style. The table top is made of light erable slabs and geometric inlays, the oval shape in the middle gives movement and further enhances this table. The 8 legs support the top with elegance thanks to the rich carvings and allow you to play with the shape of the top, which in the corners is not straight and linear but curved, recalling the living room and its tables. Surrounded by chairs and chairs with arms in combination, it makes the environment comfortable and luxurious. The dining room is completed by the sideboard, complete with mirror and the showcase.

Art.1443_Dining table cm.240*125* h. 77
Art. 1445_Chair cm. 53*55* h. 104
Art. 1446_Chair with arms cm. 65*58* h. 104
Art.1440_Sideboard cm. 220*51* h. 97
Art.1448_Mirror cm. 181* h.121
Art.1441_Glass cabinet 2 doors cm. 120*50* h. 215

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