Chestnut root dining table

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Collection: Dining rooms

Luxury inlaid dining table. Chestnut briarwood in glossy finish with a beautiful floral inlay in mother of pearl on the band surrounding the glass top. Possibility of custom-made projects to furnish prestigious rooms and luxurious environments, thanks to the combination with the showcase and TV stand with the same finish and inlays.
They are masterpieces of high Italian craftsmanship made by Bellotti Ezio, the choice and combination of the various woods, inlays and finishes make these pieces unique that become protagonists in the dining rooms.

Art.1436_Table cm. Ø 152 * h. 76
Art.1438_Chair cm. 63 * 73 * h. 114
Art.1432_Inlaid glass cabinet cm. 115 * 53 * h.217
Art.1433_Glass cabinet with decorations cm. 115 * 53 * h.217
Art.1430_Sideboard cm. 201 * 56 * h.84
Art.1435_TV stand cm.201 * 53 * h.59

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