Comfortable armchair for auditorium, by the reduced size, with a large retractable writing tablet

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Ventinove.9 is the latest design from Giovanni Baccolini for Ares Line. VENTINOVE.5 derives its name from its narrow overall depth of 29.5 cm. This comfortable armchair designed for conference rooms is available with a large (A4 size) anti-panic foldaway tablet. The true ingenious of the chair is the flexible back with a double concealed spring that offers smooth and quiet back movement.

V9.9 can be customised to suit needs and style. Starting with the side, V9.9 exists in the entirely upholstered BASE version, the WOOD version in wood or the AIR version with the unusual aerial foot that makes it lightweight. The seat and the backrest can also be chosen in the basic and wood version.

BaccoliniDesign for Aresline