by Ares Line Spa

Conference armchair, can be equipped with writing tablet and multimedia system

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The perfect solution providing excellent results in terms of both quality and comfort. There are two models to choose from: full padding with top stitching or elegant upholstery with wooden accents on the armrests, backrest and seat. An optional foldaway writing tablet that stores neatly into the side, and a modern, multimedia flat-screen system on the chair back are also available.

- Chair can be completely disassembled.
- Wood finish seat in 15 mm, multi-ply birch, wood finish backrest in 15 mm, multi-ply beech.
- Full Length-fitted side panel in structural steel with padded side closing panels or varnished beech panels in the WOOD model. Side end-panel in varnished sheet steel.
- Armrest in upholstered wood or varnished beech.
- Seat with gravity tip up action.
- Underseat, where present, in 8 mm, multi-ply beech with 9 mm perforations.
- In the WOOD model, chair back in varnished multi-ply beech.
- Exposed wood parts can be veneered by an engineered wood veneer with a choice of finishes.
- Exposed metal parts are varnished with black or aluminium grey epoxy, scratch-resistant powders.
- Backrest padding in non-deformable, fire-resistant foam resin; average thickness 75 mm and RC density
- 30 kg/m3. Seat padding in non-deformable, fire-resistant foam resin; average thickness 75mm and RC density 40 kg/m3.
- Foldaway armrest writing tablet in HPL (295x320x8mm), in black with steel, anti-panic folding hinge.
- Accessories: row and place number

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