by Ares Line Spa

Conference room chairs, folding seat, fabric upholstery

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Tempo has been designed with a range of variants and available accessories. Tempo model, with wooden backrest, upper armrests and underseat, Tempo Evo with trapezoidal side piece that increasing its dynamic qualities thus facilitating row to row movement. In addition to the lateral, foldaway writing tablet, each chair can have as option, a practical folding surface on the chair back and an audio system with microphone installed laterally to the rear.

- Chair can be completely disassembled.
- Tubular steel finish seat with elastic support straps, wood finish backrest in 10.5mm, multi-ply beech.
- Ground-fitted side panel in structural steel with padded side closing panels or varnished beech panels in the WOOD model. Side end-piece in varnished sheet steel.
- Armrest in upholstered wood or varnished beech.
- Underseat, where present, in 8 mm, multi-ply beech with 9 mm perforations.
- Seat with gravity tipping action.
- Lower part of the chair back in varnished sheet steel or varnished multi-ply beech; chair back of the WOOD finish model in varnished multi-ply beech.
- Exposed wood parts can be veneered by an engineered wood veneer with a choice of finishes.
- Exposed metal parts are varnished with black or aluminium grey epoxy, scratch-resistant powders.
- Backrest padding in non-deformable, fire-resistant foam resin; average thickness 65mm and RC density
40 kg/m3. Seat padding in self-extinguishing, cold-foamed polyurethane without CFC; average thickness 110 mm, average density 55 kg/m3. 30 mm deep resinate on the seat.
- Foldaway armrest writing tablet in HPL (295x320x8mm), in black with steel anti-panic, folding hinge.
- Writing tablet fitted to the chair back; anti-panic folding movement, wood particle board laminated on both sides with rounded post-formed front edge and side and back edges in ABS; 300 mm deep and 30 mm thick.
- Accessories: row and place number

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