by Ares Line Spa

Armchairs for theater and conference hall, designed by Pininfarina, elegant and comfortable

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Innovative system of seatings that allows to rationally use the spaces and also ensures excellent levels of comfort. The synchronized movement seat-backrest allows to compact the armchair in extremely reduced spaces, with a resulting large freedom of movement between the rows, to the advantage of the flow of people and the cleaning operations. The armchair folds in a precise and noiseless way thanks to a patented device that cushions and accompanies the movement. The aluminium detail on the seat, with the name of the designer engraved in bas-relief, apart from giving a further touch of refinement to the product functions as a handy handle that facilitates the unfolding of the armchair. The leg in pressure die-cast aluminium is equipped with a regulation device that allows a perfect alignement and a precise set up of the product during the installation. The finishings and the materials used are of great value and leave ample space to the creativity of the designers, allowing them to find new solutions, between innovation and tradition.

design Pininfarina for Aresline