by Ares Line Spa

Bench for waiting areas

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Collection: Educational

AIRA is a collection of seats for cafe' and restaurants, smart working, classrooms and teaching areas and
for the home. Aira represents to perfection the concept of a "product family", offering the seat in numerous variants in terms of colours, accessories and functions. Aira changes shapes, areas of use and types of user without altering its essential appearance.
It is a base to which to add or superimpose other features to create unique and perfect products satisfying specific needs. Aira is equipped with a number of accessories.
The innovative, internationally- patented moulding technique used for the shell allows a colour insert to be added, on the front and back, creating a pleasant visual effect that is ideal for contemporary and stylish settings.

AIRA varies its functionality and visual appeal with bases featuring different materials and shapes: four legs in metal tube or steel wire, four wooden conical legs, or the wooden or metal pyramid version, swivel base, stool and, lastly, on a beam. Seating comfort is enhanced with a cushion or fully-padded upholstery. Aira is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the treatment against ultraviolet rays (standard for the white shell and optional for the other colours) and the special paints used on the optional metal parts.
The possibility of creating an endless range of combinations makes Aira an open seat system.
The customer's own creativity multiplies the possible versions, adding solutions to the ideas behind the project.

Design BaccoliniDesign for Aresline