Artesia Cushion

by Gaber Srl

Conference chair with upholstered seat

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Collection: Chairs

Minimalistically practical and comfortable. Artesia is the most versatile and functional Gaber collection as best-in-class for ease of assembly and unbeatable stackability.
Its design, conceived by Forsix, is the perfect blend of sobriety and technique, combined with a product created for use in conference rooms, waiting areas, meetings or public spaces. Its rationality is enhanced by the choice of bright modern colours, which can be easily matched tone on tone or deliberately applied in contrast to highlight Artesia's flexibility.
Thanks to two carefully devised and now patented technical solutions, Artesia achieves maximum stability in use and is assembled without any screws, minimizing transport costs and therefore the time required for assembly and set up.
The technical characteristics of Artesia are also reflected in its stackability, reaching 20 side or armchairs on the ground and 50 on a trolley (in this case with a maximum height of 210 cms).
Artesia is also available with armrests, linking mechanisms, an anti-panic writing tablet that can be hooked and unhooked as necessary, a trolley with a handy grip-rail and equipped with four self-braking wheels.

Design by Forsix