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by Gaber Srl

Chair with armrests, chromed metal base, for Outdoor side

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Collection: Chairs

Small armchair with techno polymer shell. Frame available in chromed metal or painted for outdoor use.

More and ever more... one important chair for outdoor and indoor useful, elegant, important but unique. In this way born More, one shell in techno polymer that is likely to be covered entirely or, and here is its innovation, only a sort of cushion attached to the body through 9 buttons designed and implemented ad hoc. This version certainly innovative for its ease of processing has been designed to make it more suitable for both indoor and outdoor, with their application, using a simple and basic operation of this practical covering. The support structures are six: four legs in chromed or painted, 4 legs in wood, 4 star swivel base and version 5-spoke wheels base and at the end the solution of the bench.

design Favaretto&Partners

H79 W60 D57 Hs46 cm