Alhambra Eco cod. 92/NAECO

by Gaber Srl

Chairs with shell in plastic, composite wood frame

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Collection: Chairs

Stackable chair with shell and frame composed by wood and plastic.

Nowadays theres a big attention to eco-friendly products. Manufacturer companies search new production systems that can reuse all material which is wasted during standard ones. For this reason, Gaber company demonstrates to be current and renewed offering a new ecological version of Alhambra chair. This chair is composed of two units that can be assembled to give shape to an unique pleasant and contemporary design object. The first unit is the shell injection molded in two different colours. It is obtained using recycled plastic material and sawdust got from production waste. This particular injection system melts down together the two components and generates a mixture which stiffens, when it becomes colder, and takes the form of a very resistant structure with a semi-gloss finish. The second unit, instead, is the frame injection molded too, using two different components: high performance recycled polymer and wood like dough. Also these materials blend together in a homogeneous mixture in which theyre indistinguishable. The result is a very strong frame with thin lines.

design Stefano Sandon

H82 W49 D48 Hs45 cm