Colorfive ST 66/76

by Gaber Srl

Barstool with sled metal base, polymer shell

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Collection: Stools

Techno polymer seat and chromed or outdoor painted stackable frame.

Bright colors and pastel shades combine as multicolored decorations that look like paintings. Gradations of grey, green, brown express the true colors of nature. The revolutionary Colorfive collection uses the most advanced technology of plastic injection and a palette of original colors. With prt porter style, and the various colors available, Colorfive matches perfectly any indoor and outdoor environment. Wrap version, a natural evolution of the Colorfive family, proposed with a soft and pleasant fabric, conveying a sense of classic elegance and quality craftsmanship. Infinite design possibilities.

Design Stefano Sandon

H114 Hs76 L50 P55 cm