Gufo Planters

by Gaber Srl

Decorative planters available in different configurations

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Collection: Complements

Gufo Planters is a collection of decorative planters, avalable for easy wall fixing or by means of a free-standing modular system, equipped with fix or 360° revolving pots in the techno-polymer covered columns. Gufo is the perfect product to improve privacy with Nature: plants and flowers, arranged on modular green vertical walls, limit the view as desired, with the discretion and harmony of compositions that are always on the move. Structures different from each other with one goal: complete and decorate any environments. The 100% recyclable materials used and the applied techniques allow resistance to atmospheric elements and simple cleaning of the parts, which can be easily assembled and disassembled. Available also Gufo on green vertical walls thanks to the easy wall fixing kit.