Jump 05831

by Montbel Srl

Armchair in solid wood, backrest curved in a semicircle

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Collection: Jump

Armchair, solid wood, curved semi-circular back which blends with the rear legs. Webbed seat with differentiated density padding for greater comfort, wraparound back upholstered in fabric and/or leather as well as the seat.

Sustainability and craftsmanship blend in a product that looks to the future, promoting a responsible and conscious vision of production and consumption.

Resulting from the collaboration of the talented brothers and designers Edi & Paolo Ciani, Jump stands out for its contemporary aesthetics, comfort, and commitment to responsible production. Throughout the development process, great attention has been paid to the selection of premium materials and waste reduction, obtaining prestigious FSC® and TSCA/CARB certifications that ensure traceability and sustainable sourcing of the components used. Jump has been created to simplify the process of assembling, disassembling, and recycling, thereby promoting a sustainable product lifecycle.
Like all Montbel collections, Jump is notable for its sartorial design and attention to detail. The defining element of the chair is the suspended backrest: like a compass, it forms a semicircle that merges with the front legs, creating a visual play that invites the eye to connect the dots.
The care and commitment to creating the products reflect Montbel's dedication to the environment and translate into an uncompromising experience of comfort and functionality. «With Jump, we aim to offer not only a piece of high-quality furniture but also a positive footprint on the Planet – said Manuela Montina, President of the Company – Sustainability is at the heart of our business vision, and with Jump, we want to demonstrate that it is possible to combine cutting-edge design with environmental responsibility».