Black leather

by Orsitalia Sas

Contemporary baroque leather chair

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Collection: Chairs

BLACK contemporary baroque chair in leather produced by Orsitalia with wooden frame in strong carved beech wood, typical of New Baroque style, and of 100% Italian production. The Black model dining chairs and living room chairs can be customized with gold or silver leaf or colored lacquering with fashionable enamels. The Designer of Orsitalia, Matteo O., will expertly suggest the most suitable covering for your needs, with an eye to Design and the other to the practicality and resistance of leather, fabric or fake leather, based on the use of the chairs, be it private in a living room or kitchen or for public use in a bar, restaurant, hotel, shop etc. Orsitalia offers a wide choice of fireproof coverings suitable for Contract use.
The Black kitchen chairs are perforated on the large baroque ears to make them easy to move with comfortable handles made in the structure itself and also to lighten its design and make it contemporary.
Orsitalia also proposes combinations of special covers, as showed in the product’s presentation photo, mixing together the grain leather with the faux fur on the back of the chair and playing on the contrasts of brightness between the glossy lacquer and the matt coating.

Chair: cm W. 49 x D. 56 x H. 105 (H. of the seat cm. 52)
Chair with Arms: cm. W. 61 x D. 56 x H. 105 ( H. of the seat cm. 52 – available also with American seat’s height of cm. cm. 68)
Swivel Bar Stool with backrest and arms: cm. W. 58 x D. 66 x H. 133 (H. of the seat cm. 79 or cm. 84)