by Orsitalia Sas

English style double bed, capitonnè headboard, for bedrooms, hotels, villas

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Collection: Beds

The modern luxury tufted bed, Queen or King Size, model Chesterfield is an Italian artisan high quality piece of furniture manufactured and customized entirely in Italy by Italian craftsmen of Orsitalia. The quilted high bedhead of Chesterfield bed has been studied by Orsiitalia to give a rounded three-dimensional movement. Orsi Italia, to make this bed even more exclusive and unique, went to take the big ears of Bergere-style. Orsitalia offers, for beds Chesterfield as tailor-made, endless fabrics, eco-leather and skins to customize this smart and luxurious bed. Orsi Italia upholster and quilt also around the bed and the lacquering of turned wood legs are matched to the color chosen to cover the bed. It is possible to have the Chesterfield double bed with slatted container even with dual mechanism. Orsitalia proposes to make more precious the tufted headboard of the bed Chesterfield, as an alternative to leather or velvet buttons, Swarovski crystal buttons or jeweled buttons, for an extra touch of class and elegance. Everything is' strictly hand-made by Italian artisans. The Chesterfield collection is also suitable for use Contract thanks to the fire-retardant velvets and the fireproof fake leathers selected by Orsiitalia.


Queen Size Head: L. H. 215 x 150 cm. (x 160 cm mattress)
King Size Head: L. 235 x H. 150 cm. (x 180 cm mattress)
Head Super King Size: L. H. 255 x 150 cm. ( x 200 cm mattress)
Openable container: various measures according to the size’s net
Padded bed frame: various measures according to the size’s net