Finlandia throne

by Orsitalia Sas

Throne in New Baroque style, in hand-carved wood

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Collection: Armchairs

Luxury New baroque thrones in strong carved wood, Italian Designs and production. Finlandia is a luxury wooden and upholstered armchair with high backrest, big ears and ergonomic seat. Orsitalia studied Finlandia thrones to be comfortable for your relax and to be used daily, so the saying “baroque is only to see” becomes not true. Finlandia thrones armchairs are still a piece of classic furniture that catch the eye in every place is used but become also a living seat where to welcome your guests for a working lunch or a family reunion. Orsiitalia custom-made Finlandia Throne according to you living projects both classic with traditional wood finishes and precious velvets or silk both modern and glamour with full colored wood frame combined with a mix of textiles and colours.This contemporary custom-made big armchair Finlandia is suitable for any kind of living room and it is used even in luxury fashion shops, coffee bar, pubs, hotels, yachts, cruise ships, discos because the Finlandia Throne by Orsitalia creates warm, sexy and trendy atmosphere always.Contact us we will show you our World made of beauty and exclusivity.
Sizes:W. 95 x D. 92 x H. 137 cm.