by Orsitalia Sas

Couch in antique gold leaf, covered in velvet

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Collection: Sofas

Liberty French baroque 3-seater throne sofa produced in strong beech wood and 100% handicrafted in Italy by skilled Orsitalia's craftsmen. MEDAGLIONE Louis XV Regency style by ORSITALIA with deep carved medaillon and tall curved wingback has tailor-made upholstery. Thanks to wide choice of customization offered by Orsi Italia for MEDAGLIONE 3-seater gilt French Baroque 3-seater sofas, they will furnish different style of home or Contract Indoor project like: black gothic baroque style or gold and red luxury classic baroque living room or gold with deep blue velvet mixed with leopard print velvet for a glam solution in every modern baroque living room and Hotel furniture. Medaglione 3-seater sofas, Louis XV New Baroque Rococo Style, with little full carved medaillon to devide the two little bit curved seat, makes Medaglione luxury classic French baroque sofas suitable also as entry hall furniture and conversation ones welcoming your guests comfortably and with elegance while maintaining the distance between people. Orsiitalia made a choice of textile both classic and contemporary like: velvets, damask velvets, silk , satin, leather etc., all of Italian production, in order to always be able to offer bespoke Interior Design of exclusive Italian manufacturing. Orsitalia's young Designer, Matteo Orlandin, will support you in all your Indoor Living room projects both for Home Decor and Hospitality ones. Orsitalia’s Regency 3-seater sofas will give to your home a touch of glamour and richness.
cm. L. 193 x D. 86 x H. 116