by Orsitalia Sas

Classic rococo style coffee tables

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SYMPHONY by ORSITALIA design classic coffee tables, side tables and big squared central tables for your Living Area. In high class conversation areas, furnished with leather or velvet sofas and armchairs made, SYMPHONY classic smoking tables by ORSITALIA are the perfect complementary piece of furniture. Classic glass, wooden or marble living room coffee tables represent a valid solution in environments characterised by a mixture of different finishes, serving their purpose with a neutral touch and contributing to a bigger feeling of space, that becomes unique thanks to the customization offered by Orsi Italia. Orsitalia produces tables for Living room in different sizes to be placed in front of a sofa or in the middle of your sitting room. Symphony small tables, 100% produce in Italy and in strong carved wood by Orsiitalia, can be used as a side table with a lamp adding an extra reading light for your relaxing moments or for your coffee/tea break.Today, furniture fills our living and working spaces. It makes a statement about our taste for practicality and aesthetics and Orsitalia satisfy with their customization and craftsmen production to any Indoor and Decor Project.
Rectangular coffee table:W. 130 D. 70 H. 55 cm.
Big Squared central table: W. 120 D. 120 H. 55 cm.
Small table: W. 70 D. 70 H. 55 cm.