Armchair produced by skilled Italian artisans

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Collection: Armchairs

ROSA small bedroom’s chair by ORSITALIA: shell round little armchair in strong wood, contemporary Liberty style, a handicrafting Italian bedroom furnishing produced by Orsiitalia in Milan. Orsi Italia customize small cruved bedroom’s armchairs model Rosa in Milan Design and Style using Italian fabrics only and European genuine leathers. Rosa curved chair by Orsiitalia is easy to put in every place to fit with elegance and glamour even small corners into a fashion shop, a lounge bar, a hotel waiting room. Small do not mean less comfortable and less longlasting piece of furniture in contemporary classic style, because Orsitalia puts for little chairs Rosa the same care and skillness in producing strong raw frames in beech wood and Orsi Italia grants always tailored upholstery.
For Public use Orsitalia offers fire resistant fabrics, Italian fake leathers and grain leathers.
Orsitalia’s designer and team will be happy to follow you from production to delivery to yr home.
W.62 x D. 63 x H. 86 cm.