Valeria leather

by Orsitalia Sas

Classic style bed with leather headboard

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Collection: Beds

VALERIA LEATHER by ORSITALIA: bespoke Contemporary Baroque double bed, tailor-made by Orsitalia completely in Italy, with tufted bed head of contemporary baroque style, in grain or vintage leather, bed frame and feet in strong carved wood customizable in wood lacquering or polishing or hand-made silvering and gilt. Orsitalia customize not only the wood and the covers but also the fine embroidery of Valeria’s head with Swarovski buttons. The fine and precious carving of Valeria New Baroque bed is silvered or lacquered by hand to give always a contemporary baroque furniture of high quality, granted to be used for longtime by Orsitalia. Orsitalia customize for Valeria bedroom not only the wood finishes but also the shape and the size of the quilting in order to give a glamour but always elegant piece of furniture of Italian Designs. Valeria Leather Contemporary baroque beds will fit to any place where they will be used: the bedroom in a house or the Hotel suite. Valeria Leather double bed will always catch the eyes with their beauty and fine carving. Orsitalia for Contract use can produce only the baroque head to be hanged to the wall or to be used with hotel beds and offer a wide range of fire-proof fake leathers or velvets in soft or fashion colours. Orsitalia will complete the design of yr bedroom with special bed linen, decorative pillows, curtains, nightstands and chest of drawers, always Made in Italy. The production of all the handmade New Baroque bedrooms of the collections ORSITALIA is characterized by the highest quality standards, typical of the best Italian craftsmanship, and by the exclusive use of selected raw materials and a careful attention to every detail, to ensure to our luxury furniture a perfect durability over the time. We will create the bed of your dreams, contact us we will show you our world made of wood, beauty and Designs.
Wooden upholstered bed head:
Queen Size W. 191 x H. 164 cm.
King Size W. 232 x H. 165 cm.
Available also the Super King Size Bed only on demand
Storage base: available for mattress 160 or 180 or 200
Upholstered base: available for mattress 160 or 180 or 200