by Orsitalia Sas

Classic style living room furniture

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Collection: Cabinets

CORTINA by ORSITALIA: Classic wooden tall china cabinets, cupboard and baroque frame for Tv to create a modular Tv Media of luxury Italian Design. Orsitalia gives a wide choice of wood finishes to custom-made Cortina classic furnishings. Cortina 1 door glass case and low sideboard are sold also separately by Orsitalia to better fit spaces of their customers. Cortina by Orsitalia Tv cabinets consists of: tall glass squared linear cabinets with baroque feet and low sideboard with 2 large drawers and 3 storage rooms. Cortina by Orsiitalia is a luxury classic furniture for living room customizable, in strong wood and glass. Orsitalia produces all baroque furniture 100% in Italy.
Orsitalia customize Cortina luxury entertainement for Tv, in wood color and can also add fine gold or silver decorations. Also knobs are customizable by Orsitalia, that offer different knobs in glass, also diamond-shaped, special knobs in Murano's glass, chormed steel or Swarovski. Contact us we will support you in yr design projects.
Low sideboard with 2 large drawers: L. 187 x D. 54 x H. 65 cm.
1 door glass case: L. 88 x D. 50 x H. 209 cm.
Frame for Tv Stand: L. 165 x H. 110 cm. (inside sizes L. 131 x H. 76)