Dover SGA

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Bentwood stool

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The stool features a beechwood structure, available in cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite finishes. Alternatively, you can choose a weathered (antiqued) or lacquered beechwood structure. The seat and backrest are crafted from multilayered beechwood.

The Dover SGA stool is an elegant symphony of classic style and timeless comfort, a work of art that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its structure, crafted from beechwood and available in finishes such as cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite, creates an atmosphere of warm elegance.

The option to customize the structure with distressed (antiqued) or lacquered finishes transforms the Dover SGA stool into an authentic expression of personalized taste. The seat and back, carefully crafted from beechwood plywood, offer enveloping comfort, making every moment spent on this stool an experience of pure well-being.

The classic lines and attention to detail tell a story of class and refinement. With the Dover SGA stool, spaces turn into scenes of timeless elegance, where beauty merges with utility, providing a seating experience that pays homage to tradition and exquisite taste.

L47 P46 H108 Hs76 cm


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