Stackable polypropylene chair

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Collection: Plastic chairs

Chair with a monobloc polypropylene structure. Available in Matte Black, White, Beige, Anthracite, Yellow, Oxide Red, Orange, Green versions. Additionally, upon request, the Flame-Resistant White version is available (min. 100 pcs).

Dive into the essence of Volt, a chair that embodies the perfect harmony between practicality and timeless design. Its simplicity transforms into captivating elegance, offering a unique experience of comfort and style.

Volt is the result of careful design, entirely crafted in Polypropylene, a material that combines lightness and resilience. Its versatile presence adapts to any setting, with a range of colors that captivate the imagination: the mysterious Matte Black, the enchanting White, the warm Beige, the elegant Anthracite, the vibrant Yellow, the suggestive Oxide Red, the energetic Orange, and the relaxing Green.

But Volt is not just a chair; it's a functional work of art. Its Flame-Resistant White version, available upon request (min. 100 pcs), adds a touch of sophistication and safety, elevating the seating experience to new heights.

This chair knows no bounds: carefully designed, it is ready to transform even outdoor spaces into oases of comfort. Gardens and terraces become perfect settings for Volt, where practicality merges with beauty, creating a unique atmosphere of relaxation and style. Sit down, immerse yourself, and let the magic of Volt envelop you.

L51 P52,5 H77,5 Hs46 cm

Manufactured by Pedrali Spa distributed by Aeffe Desio

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