Laminate 50 mm

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Laminate table tops

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Collection: Contract tops

The chipboard-core tabletops boast sharp 90° edges and a 50 mm ABS beveled edge, available in a range of captivating colors. The smooth, stone, or wood laminated finish provides diverse aesthetic options.

Choose from an array of versions:

- White, Black, Anthracite
- Porcelain (Magnolia)
- Oak Smoke alevè
- Oak Barrique alevè
- Oak Charcoal alevè
- Oak Asburg alevè
- Natural Elm alevè
- Oak Memphis alevè
- Sand Gray
- Silver Gray
- Oak Maul alevè
- Oak Valley larix
- Oak Slavonia alevè
- Copperfield stone
- Firecoat (Corten)
- Stromboli stone

Available in the following sizes:

- 60 x 60 cm
- 70 x 70 cm
- 80 x 80 cm
- 90 x 70 cm
- 90 x 90 cm
- 120 x 80 cm
- 140 x 80 cm
- 160 x 80 cm
- Ø 60 cm
- Ø 70 cm
- Ø 80 cm
- Ø 90 cm

This collection provides an extensive range of sizes and finishes to suit diverse design needs, ensuring both durability and versatility.

Our captivating chipboard-core tabletops embody elegance and versatility. With crisp 90° edges and a sophisticated 50 mm ABS beveled edge, these tabletops stand out for their timeless beauty and high-quality construction.

Explore the extensive range of available colors, from classic tones like White, Black, and Anthracite to bolder choices like Copperfield stone and Firecoat (Corten). Each color is carefully chosen to add personality and a unique style to your space.

The smooth, stone, or wood laminated finish adds a touch of refinement, bringing warmth and comfort to the space. These tabletops are available in various sizes, from classic square and rectangular dimensions to appealing circular diameters.

Whether you are designing a modern, minimalist, or traditional space, our range of chipboard-core tabletops offers the flexibility and aesthetics needed to transform your space. Discover the harmony between functionality and beauty with these tabletops that promise to be the focal point of your interior design.

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