Chair in curved wood, Viennese style

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The chair features a beechwood frame, available in cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite finishes. Alternatively, one can opt for a distressed (antiqued) or lacquered beechwood frame. The seat and back are crafted from beechwood or upholstered and padded in Vienna Straw, fabric, or faux leather.

The Strauss chair is an elegant poem of design and comfort, a captivating melody that imparts a touch of refined beauty to spaces. Its beechwood frame, offered in tones such as cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite, creates a harmonious symphony of style and substance.

With the option to customize the distressed (antiqued) or lacquered beechwood frame, the Strauss becomes a tailor-made masterpiece, an expression of unique taste. The seat and back, skillfully crafted in beechwood or carefully enveloped in exquisite materials like Vienna Straw, layered beech plywood, fabric, or faux leather, offer an enveloping comfort that transforms every seated moment into an experience of pure well-being.

The Strauss is not just a chair; it is a timeless statement of elegance where every detail is shaped with craftsmanship. The sinuous lines and attention to detail tell a story of class and passion for design. With the Strauss, spaces evolve into realms of sophistication and comfort, where beauty converges with utility, providing a seating experience that is an ode to harmony and pleasure.

L43 P47 H78 Hs47 cm

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