HPL Laminate 10 mm

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Table tops in HPL stratified laminate

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Collection: Contract tops

Introducing our 10mm Beveled or Vertical Edge HPL Laminate Countertops with a striking Black Core. Black Core.

Available in the following colors:

- White
- Black
- Sand Grey
- Silver Grey
- Anthracite Grey
- Porcelain

Available in the following sizes:

- 59 x 59 cm / Ø 59 cm
- 69 x 69 cm / Ø 69 cm
- 79 x 79 cm / Ø 79 cm
- 89 x 89 cm / Ø 89 cm
- 99 x 99 cm / Ø 99 cm
- 119 x 119 cm / Ø 119 cm
- 129 x 129 cm / Ø 129 cm
- 159 x 159 cm / Ø 159 cm
- 119 x 79 cm
- 139 x 79 cm
- 159 x 79 cm

These countertops are meticulously designed to provide a robust and durable surface suitable for a wide range of applications. The selection of colors and finishes allows seamless integration into any setting, while the various dimensions ensure maximum flexibility to meet specific design needs. Ideal for modern and functional spaces, these countertops seamlessly blend aesthetics with high-level technical performance.

Immerse yourself in a world of timeless elegance with our exclusive 10mm HPL Laminate Countertops, featuring a distinctive Beveled or Vertical Edge in the alluring Black Core. These design masterpieces come in a range of colors that evoke unique sensations:

White, a symbol of purity and light, captures the essence of refined simplicity. Black, timeless and mysterious, adds an ageless depth. Sand Grey and Silver Grey, like sands and precious metals, bring the harmony of nature and modernity. Anthracite Grey, bold and resolute, tells tales of strength and determination. Porcelain, delicate and sophisticated, enchants with its timeless grace.

Choose your ideal size from our exclusive options: 59 x 59 cm, 69 x 69 cm, 79 x 79 cm, 89 x 89 cm, 99 x 99 cm, 119 x 119 cm, 129 x 129 cm, 159 x 159 cm, 119 x 79 cm, 139 x 79 cm, 159 x 79 cm. Each dimension opens a door to new design possibilities, allowing you to shape space according to your desires.

These countertops are more than mere surfaces—they are works of art designed to withstand the test of time. Their robustness and resistance meet sophisticated aesthetics, creating a perfect blend of functionality and beauty. They epitomize modern elegance, offering unparalleled versatility that suits any architectural context.

Step into an atmosphere of style and innovation, embrace boundless beauty, and turn every space into a timeless masterpiece with our HPL Laminate Countertops. Your choice is not just a purchase; it's an emotional experience that transforms environments into scenes of pure inspiration.

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