Chair with armrests, in polypropylene, stackable

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Collection: Plastic chairs

Armchair with monobloc structure in Polypropylene. Available in versions: Matte Black, White, Beige, Anthracite, Yellow, Rust Red, Sage Green, and Green. Also available in Flame-Retardant White Polypropylene (minimum 300 pieces).

Constructed with recyclable polypropylene, antistatic, and reinforced with fiberglass, this armchair transcends its function: it becomes an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of limitless style. Its extraordinary versatility makes it suitable for both indoor spaces and your lush garden, creating a perfect harmony between the comfort of home and the beauty of nature.

The Dome P is designed for organization without sacrificing aesthetics, elegantly stacking up to eight units. With a wide range of colors to choose from, from Matte Black to Sage Green, you can personalize your space with a touch of vibrant individuality. Whether you prefer the version with or without armrests, the Dome P gracefully adapts to your every need.

For a touch of flame-retardant sophistication, the Flame-Retardant White Polypropylene Dome P is ready to exceed your expectations. A minimum of 300 pieces will transform your space into a safe and stylish haven.

Immerse yourself in the enveloping atmosphere of the Dome P armchair: where comfort and style merge in a unique union, creating a perfect refuge for every special moment in your life.

L58 P53 H81 Hs46 cm

Manufactured by Pedrali Spa distributed by Aeffe Desio

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