Chair in curved wood

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The chair features a beechwood frame, available in cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite finishes. Alternatively, one can opt for a distressed (antiqued) or lacquered beechwood frame. The seat and back are crafted from layered beech plywood.

The Milano chair is more than just a piece of furniture; it's an invitation to elegance and comfort, a style statement that transforms every space into a haven of sophistication. Its beechwood frame, available in enveloping tones such as cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite, adds a touch of warmth and refinement to the surrounding atmosphere.

With the option to customize the frame in distressed (antiqued) or lacquered beechwood, the Milano chair becomes a true expression of personal taste, a unique and distinctive addition. The seat and back, carefully crafted in beech and plywood, offer enveloping comfort, turning every moment spent on this chair into a unique experience.

The Milano doesn't merely follow fashion trends; it creates them, with meticulous details and impeccable finishes that tell a story of craftsmanship and a passion for design. Every curve of the Milano chair is a note of elegance, a melody that harmonizes the practical with the beautiful. With Milano, furnishing becomes an emotional journey, where functionality merges with aesthetics, providing a seating experience that goes beyond mere comfort to become an embrace of style and well-being.

L40 P42 H81 Hs46 cm

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