Regista PMC

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Space saving chair

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Collection: Folding chairs

The Regista PMC director's folding chair features a structure crafted from natural or walnut-stained beechwood. The seat is upholstered in ecru cotton fabric or available in various colors of your choice.

The "Regista PMC" director's folding chair is an elegant interpretation of cinematic-style comfort, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics into a singular work of art. Its beechwood structure, painted in natural or walnut tones, evokes timeless elegance.

The seat, carefully wrapped in ecru cotton fabric or available in a vibrant array of colors of your choosing, conveys a sense of softness and warmth. Sitting in the "Regista PMC" chair is like taking center stage in a well-scripted scene, where comfort and style merge into a flawless performance.

The convenience of folding and the lightweight structure make the "Regista PMC" chair a versatile companion, suitable for any scenario. Whether you're directing your indoor space with style or creating the perfect atmosphere for a special moment, the "Regista PMC" director's folding chair is ready to offer you the leading role in an unforgettable seating experience.

L85 P47 H57 Hs46 cm

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