Outdoor metal chair

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Collection: Outdoor chairs

Garden chair entirely crafted from metal, available in the following colors: embossed white, pearl white, antique gray, bronze, mud, and black. Upon request, a fabric cushion is also available.

Immersed in the timeless charm of a blossoming garden, the Garden Chair Morgan enchants with its elegant and refined presence. Its core of galvanized metal, strong and resilient, is adorned with a palette of vibrant and captivating colors: Pearl White gleams like the moon on a summer night, Black embodies timeless elegance, while Mud captures the fertile earth of the garden.

The delicate and meticulous details, such as the polyester powder coating that gracefully withstands the sun's rays and the ravages of time, make the Morgan chair an icon of durability and style. Its clean and squared lines harmoniously blend with the surrounding nature, creating a perfect union of practicality and aesthetics.

The seat, welcoming and comfortable, becomes an invitation to relax under the blue sky or by the moonlight. The final touch of comfort is provided by the fabric cushion, a soft embrace that completes the sensory experience for those who allow themselves to be cradled by the Morgan chair.

Together with the Quatris tables, also guardians of clean and minimalist design, the Morgan chair becomes the soul of outdoor spaces, transforming gardens, balconies, and terraces into scenarios of elegance and warmth. A symphony of emotions unfolds within its lines, offering anyone who takes a seat a unique and unforgettable experience.

L43 P50 H85 Hs45 cm

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