Folding chair in satin aluminum and ABS

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Collection: Folding chairs

Folding chair with a structure entirely made of satin-finished aluminum. Gray ABS Net seat. Upon request, it is possible to hang four chairs on the Net-G hook.

The Net folding chair is the epitome of elegance and practicality, a design masterpiece that stands out for its lightness and sophistication. Its structure, crafted in satin-finished aluminum, provides a modern and refined touch, while the gray ABS Net seat adds a contemporary flair.

With its easy folding capability, the Net chair is the perfect companion for those seeking a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The lightweight aluminum and the transparency of the seat create an airy and modern atmosphere, ideal for any setting.

The versatility of the Net folding chair is further enhanced by the option to hang four chairs on the Net-G hook, adding a touch of order and practicality that makes this chair an ideal choice for those who appreciate uncompromising design. Whether you are furnishing an indoor space or preparing for an outdoor event, the Net folding chair presents itself as an elegant solution, bringing together functionality and style in a harmonious blend.

L45 P55 (4,5) H 85, 96 Hs46 cm

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