Metal chair, imitation leather covering

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Collection: Chairs in metal

Metal chair with a 4-legged structure, matte black painted, foam-padded polyurethane shell with faux leather internal covering, quilted on the outside.

The Urbe chair with its sleek design and exclusive appeal is a true masterpiece that combines contemporary elegance with unparalleled comfort. Its black-painted 4-legged base emphasizes its distinctive presence, while the eco-leather upholstery adds a touch of luxury and practicality. The smooth-designed seat graciously welcomes anyone who sits, offering a comfortable and refined support. The embossed backrest introduces an element of charm and originality, transforming the Urbe chair into an icon of style. Available in light taupe, hazelnut, or titanium gray shades, this chair is not just a functional piece but an emotional experience. Imagine sitting on this unique creation, enveloped by the feeling of elegance and modernity that only the Urbe chair can provide. Make your space a haven of style and comfort, embracing the uniqueness and emotion that this chair brings with it.

L52 P57 H88 Hs47 cm

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