Bahamas Set

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Outdoor sofa

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Collection: Outdoor set

Coordinated set with a Polypropylene structure and cushion covering in Quartz Pink or Gray fabric. Alternatively, available in Sunbrella fabric: Adriatic, Ice, Avocado, Jungle, or Canvas.

Indulge in the enveloping embrace of this coordinated set, where the Polypropylene structure gracefully embraces every detail. The cushions, wrapped in soft Quartz Pink or Gray fabric, capture the delicacy of emotions, creating a refuge of comfort and style.

But the magic doesn't stop there: the Sunbrella fabric, available in shades like Adriatic, Ice, Avocado, Jungle, or Canvas, adds a dimension of luxury and versatility. Each color tells a story, from the freshness of the Adriatic to the warm embrace of Ice, transforming your space into a unique sensory experience.

Whether you choose the sweetness of Quartz Pink or Gray fabric or the chromatic adventure of Sunbrella fabric, this set is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of emotions, comfort, and timeless style.

L294 P78-154 H88 Hs47,5 cm

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