Grinzing P

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Chair with armrests, in wood and Vienna straw

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The Grinzing P armchair boasts a beechwood frame, available in cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite finishes. Alternatively, one can choose a distressed (antiqued) or lacquered beechwood frame for added customization. The seat and back are carefully upholstered and padded with Vienna Straw, layered beech plywood, fabric, or faux leather, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience.

The Grinzing P armchair is a small masterpiece of elegance and comfort, designed to transform every moment into a captivating experience. Its beechwood frame, available in enchanting finishes such as cherry, wenge, walnut, natural, or graphite, adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The option for customization with a distressed (antiqued) or lacquered beechwood frame introduces a unique flair, creating a blend of tradition and modernity.

The enveloping and welcoming seat and back are meticulously upholstered in exquisite materials such as Vienna Straw, durable layered beech plywood, soft fabric, or luxurious faux leather. Grinzing P is more than just an armchair; it is a haven of comfort that embraces the body gently, turning every moment of relaxation into a pleasurable embrace.

With its refined presence, Grinzing P not only complements the decor but becomes the focal point, capturing attention with its timeless elegance. Every detail is crafted with artisanal mastery, from the wooden frame to the upholstery, creating an armchair that is not just a piece of furniture but a functional work of art that exudes warmth and style. With Grinzing P, every moment of relaxation becomes an emotional journey into a world of timeless comfort and beauty.

L44 P48 H82 Hs47 cm

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