Amanda BH

by Aeffe Sedie e Tavoli

Wooden chair, comfortable padded seat

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Chair with a solid beech or oak wood frame stained. Open plywood backrest and padded seat upholstered in fabric or faux leather.

The Amanda chair epitomizes timeless elegance and enveloping comfort. The solid beech or oak wood frame, expertly stained, imparts a touch of authenticity and warmth to any space. The open plywood backrest and the seat, meticulously padded and carefully upholstered in fabric or faux leather, add an element of refinement and softness to its classic form.

This chair, with its padded backrest, embodies discreet luxury and comfort, making it an ideal addition to the living area or a classy restaurant. Every detail reflects craftsmanship, creating an atmosphere of hospitality and style that transforms the Amanda chair not just into a piece of furniture but into a unique emotional experience.

Sitting in this chair is like immersing oneself in a hug of comfort and elegance, an invitation to share special moments with loved ones or to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the living area. The Amanda chair transforms the surrounding space into a scene of beauty and sophistication, creating indelible memories and unique emotions.

L44 P53 H86 Hs47 cm

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