Folding chair in sandblasted steel, seat in polypropylene

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Collection: Folding chairs

Folding chair with a structure entirely made of sandblasted steel. Seat available in polypropylene in the colors white, dove gray, slate gray, black, or marsala. Minimum order of 6 pieces for each color.

The Zita folding chair is a captivating symphony of practicality and style, a versatile companion that transforms every space into a stage of elegance. Its meticulously crafted structure in sandblasted steel is an elegant statement of strength and sophistication.

The seat, available in polypropylene in the enchanting colors of white, dove gray, slate gray, black, or marsala, is an invitation to comfort that envelops those who indulge in the pleasure of sitting. The Zita is more than just a chair; it is a reliable companion ready to offer its support on every occasion, transforming spaces into welcoming and stylish settings.

With its ability to fold with grace and the intrinsic beauty of its details, the Zita folding chair is perfect for those seeking the perfect blend of practicality and refined design. Each fold tells a story of versatility, while each color is a work of art that contributes to creating a unique atmosphere. Choose the Zita folding chair and treat yourself to the luxury of living every moment with style and comfort.

L45,5 P46 H79 Hs46 cm

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